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Asphalt Paver

Wheel Type Mini Asphalt Paver: F45W5

Wheels Type Mini Asphalt Paver: F45W5

Equipping with eco-mode, color display and supervisory camera for hopper inside, etc., those are more enriched for environmental performance and operability.

Main Technical Data
Type  F45W5
Weight 7,560kg
Paving Width 2.35~4.5m
Dimensions(L×W×H) Overall length(Working) : 5,370(L)×2,470(W)×1,950(H)mm
Overall length(Transporting) : 5,365(L)×2,470(W)×1,920(H)mm
Laying Thickness 10~150mm
Laying Speed 1~11m/min(in 4WD) / Power mode : 1~12m/min(in 4WD)
Engine 54.6kW/2,200min-1
Wheels Type Mini Asphalt Paver: F45W5
Designated Low Noise Level Construction Machine registered to Ministry of Land Infrastructure & Transport. (97’Version)
Complied with diesel emission gas regulation in 2014 for non-road special motor vehicle.