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Asphalt Paver

Crawler Type Mini Asphalt Paver: Model F14C5

Crawler Type Mini Asphalt Paver: F14C5&18C3

F14C5 has developed for the narrow andconfined paving works, and is world smallest ultra mini paver having provided with the all functions of standard paver without any compromise, and that has proven their dynamic performance as axially pavers in even the German Autobahn repair works.

Main Technical Data
Type  F14C5
Weight 2,850kg
Paving Width 0.8~1.4m
Dimensions(L×W×H)annotation1 Overall length(Working) : 3,910(L)×1,300(W)×1,735(H)mm
Overall length(Transporting) : 3,910(L)×1,300(W)×1,735(H)mm
Laying Thickness 10~80mm
Laying Speed 1~5m/min
Engine 18.2kW/2,200min-1

annotation1 : Length including step and guide-roller

Crawler Type Mini Asphalt Paver: F14C5&18C3
Designated Low Noise Level Construction Machine registered to Ministry of Land Infrastructure & Transport. (97’Version)
Designated Exhaust Gas Controlled Construction Machine in Second Phase STD. registered to Ministry of Land Infrastructure & Transport.