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Asphalt Paver

Crawler Type Mini Asphalt Paver: Model BP31C5B

Crawler Type Mini Asphalt Paver: BP31C58&BP40C

Adapted a new engine conforms to Phase Ⅲ Exhaust Gas Control.
Mounted the swing type console panel for further maneuverability and operational safety.
Adopted two-lane independent control material feeders lanes similar to the large pavers.
Secures stable high quality mat finish irrespective to frequent changing laying thickness and paving width.

Main Technical Data
Type  BP31C5B
Weight 5,940kg
Paving Width 1.7~3.1m
Dimensions(L×W×H) 4,705(L)×1,860(W)×1,880(H)mm
Laying Thickness 10~150mm
Laying Speed 1~12m/min
Engine 36.0kW/1,900min-1[48.9ps/1,900r.p.m]
Crawler Type Mini Asphalt Paver: BP31C58
Designated Low Noise Level Construction Machine registered to Ministry of Land Infrastructure & Transport. (97’Version)
Conformity vehicle for exhaust gas control standard to designated special vehicles.